Workshop: Weaving Translation into a Poetic Collage

led by Ricarda Vidal and Maria-José Blanco in collaboration with the artist Sarah Sparkes
23 October 2015, 3-6pm, King’s College London, part of the AHRI festival on ‘Fabrication’

Attached a photo of a pop up I made for the Crawley Tree Commission. Translating museum objects and local histories into paper engineering and then into digital collage, which was printed large scale for display in the  windows of the proposed new Crawley museum building to cheer it up!

Sarah Sparkes, paper cut & collage, 2012, commissioned by the Crawley Tree Commission for the Crawley Museum. Sarah has led several paper engineering workshops at Tate Modern – See here for examples.

Weaving Translation into a Poetic Collage was a special kind of collaborative fabrication for the Arts & Humanities Festival 2015 at King’s College London, which plays with the notion of narrative fabrication as much as with the notion of physical creation. Using multi-medial translation as a vehicle, we explored the line between text and textile, between fabric and fabrication by making a variety of paper sculptures and collages.

After the usual introduction to Translation Games and a short riff on Walter Benjamin’s thoughts on language and the idea of a universal, (quasi ‘pre-Babel’) language by Ricarda, Sarah gave a talk on her experience with multi-media translation from her point of view as artist. Maria-José then introduced the task of the day, i.e. to create a single translation into paper sculpture & collage based on the 12 visual versions of ‘Still’ plus Danielle Emtage’s retranslation (see our earlier game ‘Still in Translation‘). Sarah introduced participants to a variety of paper engineering techniques and after some group discussions of the individual versions of ‘Still’ and what bound them together, everyone set out on their own paper version of the poem.

We concluded the workshop with a reading of the original poem and its Spanish and German translations.

Here are some photos of the day – all taken by David Tett:

c10-Fabrication 9.jpgc16-Fabrication 20.jpgc22-Fabrication 0.jpgc24-Fabrication 22.jpgc33-Fabrication 24.jpgc4-Fabrication 3.jpgc41-Fabrication 16.jpgc41-Fabrication 21.jpgc48-Fabrication 14.jpgc55-Fabrication 8.jpgc59-Fabrication 5.jpgc60-Fabrication 18.jpgc64-Fabrication 11.jpgc64-Fabrication 23.jpgc64-Fabrication 6.jpgc64-Fabrication 7.jpgc69-Fabrication 13.jpgc70-Fabrication 1.jpgc79-Fabrication 19.jpgc84-Fabrication 12.jpgc86-Fabrication 10.jpgc88-Fabrication 4.jpgc96-Fabrication 2.jpgc99-Fabrication 17.jpgFabrication 0.jpgFabrication 1.jpgFabrication 10.jpgFabrication 11.jpgFabrication 12.jpgFabrication 13.jpgFabrication 2.jpgFabrication 3.jpgFabrication 4.jpgFabrication 5.jpgFabrication 6.jpgFabrication 7.jpgFabrication 8.jpgFabrication 9.jpg