Even Further Away

A workshop for translation students at the University of Lancaster

24 March 2017, led by Ricarda Vidal

A handout showing the translations of VAsco Popa's 'Daleko u nama' into photography by Danka Dimitrejevic

A handout with the translations of Vasco Popa’s ‘Daleko u nama’ by Danka Dimitrijevic (above) and Pietro Reviglio.

We began the workshop with an introduction to intersemiotic translation, what it is and what it might do for us, how to negotiate the fine line between poetic beauty and ethical duty, translation and transcreation…

For the practice part of the workshop I chose to work once again with the art versions of Vasco Popa’s poem “Daleko u nama”: Danka Dimitrijevic’s photographic translation and Pietro Reviglio’s translation of Danka’s work into drawing. Once students had made rough translations of the artworks we also listened to the recording of “Daleko u nama”.

Below are some of the translations produced during the workshop.

Click here for a wonderful translation into dance by Emily Spiers.





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