The Hawk Queen

for 4 or more players
Material provided: posters/ a whiteboard with instructions for movement in various languages

The Hawk Queen is standing on one side of the playground and the group of players on the other. The group asks:  “Regina reginella, quanti passi devo fare per arrivare al tuo castello con la fede e con l’anello, con la punta del coltello?”

The Hawk Queen tells them what kind of steps (elephant steps, ant steps or hopping on one leg, etc).

The players then try to reach the other side while the Hawk Queen tries to catch them – with all players having to move in the manner chosen by the Hawk Queen. When a player is caught, s/he joins the Hawk Queen and gets to chose the next manner of movement. The game starts again, but with two Hawk Queens. And so on…

The last person to remain free wins the game.

While the question is always asked in Italian, the answer is given in a different language each time. Translations are available on posters/white boards.

Players are encouraged to add their own.