Killing Cherries

for 2 or more players
Material: a ball; a white board or poster with the ‘story’ in various languages

A group of 2 or more players pass a ball randomly between them. After three ‘friendly’ throws the ball is thrown hard with the intention to strike one of the players. Players can evade losing points by evading the ball or catching it. If they catch it, then the one who has thrown it loses a point.

The first time a player loses a point they start the progress from ‘eating cherries’ (‘Kirschen gegessen’) to death.

The different stages are:
Kirschen gegessen (eaten cherries),
Wasser getrunken (drunk water),
Bauchweh bekommen (got a stomach ache),
ins Krankenhaus gekommen (taken to hospital),
gestorben (died).

With every point lost the player has to say the corresponding phrase in a different language. Translations in various languages are provided on posters/ a whiteboard.

Players are encouraged to add their own translations.