Talking Transformations

led by Manuela Perteghella and Ricarda Vidal 

Talking Transformations seeks to offer a platform to examine what ‘home’ means to us at a time when notions of ‘home’ in Europe are becoming more fluid, being challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migration. Ideas and constructions of home are intricately connected to language: the mother tongue, the foreign language and, between them, translation.
Hence Talking Transformations employs poetry and art translation to examine notions of ‘home’ in relation to migration. We look at the impact of migration on notions of home by commissioning and sending poetry about aspects of one’s own ‘home’ into a linguistic and artistic ‘migration’, where poems are translated into different languages and into film art.

Even Further Away:  Workshop

24 March 2017, 11.00am-1.00pm, Lancaster University
led by Ricarda Vidal

This workshop built on ‘Far Within Us’ and ‘Further Away’, two consecutive translations of a poem by Vasco Popa, which took place in autumn 2014.
Translation of the translations of Vasco Popa’s ‘Daleko u nama’ into photography by Danka Dimitrijevic and of Danka’s work into drawing by Pietro Reviglio.
Translators: Emily Spiers (into German poetry and dance), Olga Gomez (into English poetry) and translation students at Lancaster University (into English, German and French poetry).

Workshop at International Translation Day

Free Word Centre / PEN / British Library
30 September 2016, 11.15 – 12.30, Conference Centre, British Library
Ricarda in collaboration with Rawan Serhan of Languitecture.

Symposium: Intersemiotic Translation: Words, Brush-strokes and Dancing Shoes

– a symposium on translatability across invisible borders
1st July 2016, 11am – 5pm, King’s College London, Strand Building, Room S3.05
organised by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell

This symposium brings together academics, translators, curators and artists, who have explored intersemiotic translation in their practice. Individual projects and research will be presented (including performative and interactive physical exercises). Possible joint funding applications will be discussed.

Child’s Play

Research: 25 April – 30 September 2016
Event: 14 October 2016, King’s College London, part of AHRI festival on ‘Play’
led by Ricarda Vidal, Maria-José Blanco and Carolin Huth

Children play games across the world. Often those games follow similar rules across different cultures, but not always and when they do, there are often subtle differences. Based on questionnaires and interviews with staff and students of King’s College London we will create an international archive of child’s play as well as a film. The archive and film will be presented at the AHRI festival on 14th October, when we will also organise a multilingual afternoon of child’s play.

Workshop: Translation-Fabrication

23 October 2015, 3-6pm, King’s College London, part of the AHRI festival on ‘Fabrication’
led by Ricarda Vidal and Maria-José Blanco in collaboration with the artist Sarah Sparkes
This workshop plays with the notion of narrative fabrication as much as with the notion of physical creation. Using multi-medial translation as a vehicle, we will explore the line between text and textile, between fabric and fabrication by making a tapestry of poetry.
Translation of imagery from previous translation games back into words and onwards into paper engineering and eventually a tapestry of multiple visual and wordbased translations
Translators: workshop participants

Still in Translation

23rd February to 22nd June 2015 and onwards 
curated by Ricarda Vidal and Maria-José Blanco
This Translation Game has been conceived specifically for the virtual image gallery of the Arts & Humanities Research Council
Translation of the poem ‘Still’ by Denise Riley
Translators: Anna Cady, Heather Connelly, Briony Campbell, Bryan Eccleshall, Auriol Herford, Katarina Kelsey, Sharon Kivland, Domingo Martinez, Juneau Projects, Matt Rowe, Sarah Sparkes, Sam Treadaway
funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council

Workshop: ‘Still’ at Wokingham Library

9the May 2015, 2.00 – 3.30pm, Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 2BB
led by Katrina Barnes and Ricarda Vidal
Translation of a visual translation of Denise Riley’s poem back into words
Translators: workshop participants

‘Still’ at School

A Translation Game for Year 12 Students at Twyford CofE High School
15h June 2015, Twyford CofE High School
led by Ricarda Vidal & Maria-José Blanco in collaboration with teachers
In a lunch time session students from Twyford will translate some of the visual translations of ‘Still’ through a series of foreign languages.
Translation of a visual translation of ‘Still’ back into words and through several foreign languages
Translators: Year 12 students of Twyford CofE High School

TG in Schools

led by Ricarda Vidal in collaboration with Katrina Barnes, Maria-José Blanco and Sarah Steenhorst
We are currently working on an adaption of Translation Games for use in secondary schools and are looking for teachers and schools who would like to participate.
In spring/summer 2015 we will hold a series of taster workshops in selected schools before we will run a school-specific cross-curricular Translation Game in the academic year 2015/16. See here for more details.

Further Away

As a spin-off of the workshop on 22nd October 14, I have asked three poets to translate a drawing made by Pietro Reviglio as a translation of Popa’s poem after attending the workshop.
Translation of Pietro Reviglio’s translation of Vasko Popa’s ‘Far Away Within Us’ with the additional resource of Danka Dimitrijevic’s photographic translation of Popa’s poem.

Workshop: Far Within Us – A Translation Game in Art and Poetry

22 October 2014, Inside Out Festival, King’s College London, Franklin Wilkins Building, Glass Suites 2 & 3,  6.30 – 8pm
led by Ricarda Vidal and Pavle Ninkovic

For this workshop TG has teamed up with Pavle Ninkovic who runs the interactive Serbo-Croatian Poetry Translation website.
Pavle and Ricarda will challenge participants to translate a visual translation by painter Danka Dimitrijevic of a Serbian poem into English. We will also provide a recording of the original poem in Serbian for non-Serbian speakers as well as a German translation for Serbian speakers. No foreign languages are needed to participate, but you’ll have to enjoy the creative, imaginative and playful use of language – be it linguistic or artistic.
Translation of Danka Dimitrijevic’s painterly translation of a poem by Vasko Popa
Translators: workshop participants

Workshop: Translation Games meets Enemies

26 September 2014 International Translation Day, British Library, London;
led by Ricarda Vidal and Steven J. Fowler
We invite artists, translators and everyone else on a journey into the wondrous world of languages to investigate what translation means within the literary as well as the artistic context. For this workshop we have teamed up with Steven Fowler’s Enemies project, which is about the possibilities of poetry in collaboration, across artforms, languages and environments. Founded in 2012, it has produced over 40 events in 8 countries with over 300 poets and artists across multiple mediums, publications, exhibitions and performances. Together TG and the Enemies have devised a game, which will allow participants to experience poetry-in-translation as a collaborative event.
Translation of Anna Cady’s filmic translation of Paul Brown’s ‘cold’ and Ricarda Vidal’s German translation of ‘cold’ back into English
Translators: professional translators and interpreters present at International Translation Day

TCCE Workshop: From Image to Text

24th June 2014, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Milton Court, London EC2Y 9BH
A workshop led by Ricarda Vidal and Steven J. Fowler  for anyone interested in translation in the widest sense. No linguistic or artistic skills are needed (though both are very welcome!), but a vivid imagination and a creative mind are required. The workshop is part of the TCCE annual conference.
Translation of Anna Cady’s filmic translations of Paul Brown’s ‘cold’ for the “p.o.w.” event on 5th March 2014 back into poetry.
Translators: participants of the TCCE annual conference.  

P.O.W. – Translating Concrete Poetry

January – March 2014, Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London
curated by Ricarda Vidal and Jenny Chamarette
Translation of one of five poems selected from the concrete poetry magazine p.o.w. (edited by Antonio Claudio Carvalho)
Translators: Anna Cady (filmmaker), Steven Fowler (poet), Katja Knecht (digital artist), Sam Treadaway (multimedia art, working with scent in this case)

Translation Games Roundtable Discussion

24 October 2013, 8pm – 9.30pm, Council Room, King’s Building, King’s College London, Strand Campus
Ricarda and Jenny  presented the findings, results and miscellaneous outcomes of our first Translation Games. This included showing some of the artworks and a selection of recordings of the workshops and performances. There was also a Q&A with Anna Cady, Mayuri Boonham, Colleen Becker, and Emilie Oleron.

What We Made or The Only Thing About You That We Could Fathom

May – August 2013, King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London
curated by Ricarda Vidal and Jenny Chamarette
Translation of “What We Made” by Colleen Becker
Translators: Mayuri Boonham (choreographer), Anna Cady (filmmaker), Shaheen Kasmani (textiles), Katja Knecht (digital arts), Scott Ramsay Kyle (textiles), Matt Rowe (ceramicist), Aura Satz (audiovisual arts), Reyhan Yazici (fashion and textiles), and for literary translation Syed Zukifil, Tom Vanassche, Ayca Turkoglu, Marta Fava, Mathilde Frot, Raluca – Maria Chereji, Florence Bauhofer, Ana Amália Alves da Silva, Andre Freixeiro, Christina Vieira Barry, Georgina Chen-Prosser, Katharine Chadd, Bethany Pyner, Emilie Oleron, Izzy Finkel, Matthew Kingston, Sana Ashraf, Connie Cramp, Freia Nahser, Liam McShane, Oliver Roy, Thiago Metson, Claudia Manca, Gaia Porcu, Leanne Zara Dickinson, Sarah Nurgat, Irina Andreea Malca