NEW BOOK: Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders – Intersemiotic Journeys between Media, ed. Madeleine Campbell and Ricarda Vidal, Palgrave Macmillan: 2019

This edited collection brings together a range of cutting-edge scholars and practitioners working in the wide field of intersemiotic translation. For anyone interested in the theory behind Translation Games, this book will answer all (well, many) of your questions. The introduction and conclusion are available for free here

April 2017 – Autumn 2019
Talking Transformations: examining the impact of migration on notions of ‘home’

Ricarda Vidal has teamed up with translation theorist and curator Manuela Perteghella for this new project, which uses intersemiotic and chain translation to question what ‘home’ means in times of heightened migration and a rising right-wing populism

10 November 2017

Paper at Conference: “The Translator’s Gaze: Intersemiotic Translation as Transactional Process”
jointly written by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell, delivered at Intersemiotic Translation, Adaptation, Transposition: Saying almost the same?, University of Cyprus, Nicosia.

15 September 2017

Conference Workshop – Play Therapy in Translation
delivered by Maria-José Blanco and Ricarda Vidal at Anna Freud and Play conference, King’s College London.

24 March 2017

TG Workshop – Even Further Away
12-1.30pm, University of Lancaster

14 October 2016

Child’s Play 
organised by Ricarda Vidal, Maria-José Blanco & Carolin Huth
2-5pm, River Room, King’s College London, part of the AHRI festival 2016 ‘Play’
A multilingual afternoon of games and a film screening.

30 September 2016

Workshop at International Translation Day
Free Word Centre / PEN / British Library
11.15 – 12.30, Conference Centre, British Library
in collaboration with Rawan Serhan of Languitecture.

19 July 2016

Podcast: “Translating Scent” now online
listen to the panel discussion between Euan Cameron, Pia Long and Ricarda Vidal, which was organised at the Free Word Centre by Marta Dziurosz in June.

1st July 2016

Words, Brush-strokes and Dancing Shoes – a symposium on translatability across invisible borders
King’s College London, 11am – 5pm, Strand Building, Room S3.05
organised by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell
A day of presentations, discussions and networking amongst artists, researchers, curators and translators working on intersemiotic translation.

2 June 2016

“Translating Scent”
Free Word Centre, 6.45-9.00pm, organised by Marta Dziurosz
How can we translate scent into words and vice versa? Ricarda has been invited by Translator-in-Residence Marta Dziurosz to discuss the alchemy of language and sensory experiences together with Euan Cameron, translator of Philippe Claudel’s Parfums (an autobiography told in smells) and Pia Long, writer at Volatile Fiction and perfume expert. After the discussion and a short reading from Parfums, there’ll be a chance to try out some creative writing; an array of fragrant substances will be on offer to inspire you to “translate” them into prose or poetry.

17 May 2016

“Translation Zone 1: a roundtable discussing art-and-translation”
The Library of Birmingham, 2-5pm, organised by Heather Connelly
Ricarda Vidal has been invited to take part in a discussion on the intersection between art and translation with Nicoline Van Harskamp,  Martin Waldmeier and Pierre-Alexis Mével, leading artists, curators, translators and academics in their fields. Each will present their practice, followed by a semi-structured discussion on the topic and Q & A with the audience.

23 October 2015

Workshop: Translation-Fabrication
led by Ricarda Vidal & Maria-José Blanco in collaboration with artist Sarah Sparkes
3-6pm, King’s College London, part of the AHRI festival 2015 ‘Fabrication’

Using multi-medial translation as a vehicle and starting from an image, we will explore the line between text and textile, between fabric and fabrication by making a tapestry of poetry using paper-engineering techniques and embroidery.

7th July 2015

Talk: “Translation Games – foreign languages, artistic creation and social impact”
paper delivered by Ricarda Vidal at “Insights and Tools for Managing Arts Projects with Social Impact” at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia.

23rd February – 22 June 2015

Still: Denise Riley to Image: a Translation Game for the AHRC Image Gallery
curated by Ricarda Vidal & Maria-José Blanco

12 artists will consecutively translate Denise Riley’s poem ‘Still’ into visual art. The results will be exhibited virtually in the AHRC Image Gallery. Several of the visual translations will be translated back into words at public workshops.

12th June 2015

‘Still’ at School: A Translation Game for Year 12 Students at Twyford CofE High School
led by Ricarda Vidal & Maria-José Blanco in collaboration with teachers

In a lunch times session students from Twyford will translate some of the visual translations of ‘Still’ through a series of foreign languages.

9th May 2015

Workshop: ‘Still’ at Wokingham Library
Wokingham Library, Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 2BB, 2.00-3.30pm
led by Katrina Barnes and Ricarda Vidal

Translator Katrina Barnes and I will be inviting library visitors to retranslate one of the visual translations of Denise Riley’s poem for the AHRC game back into words. Details to be announced.

3rd February 2015

AHRC grant for Virtual Translation Games Exhibition awarded!
We’ll be working with a poet and 12 artists to create a virtual exhibition in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Arts & Humanities Research Council. More details will be announced soon.

Dec 2014 – January 2015

Further Away
As a spin-off of the workshop on 22nd October 14, I have asked the poets Anna Mace and Matt Cooper to translate a drawing made by Pietro Reviglio as a translation of Popa’s poem after attending the workshop. Check out the website to see the translations.

1 November 2014

Roundtable Discussion: ‘Migrating Texts: Translation’
Senate House, University of London, Room 243, 9.30-13.00

Ricarda has been invited to be one of the discussants at a roundtable discussion on translation and its creative (alternative) and commercial uses.

22 October 2014

Workshop: Far Within Us – A Translation Game in Art and Poetry
Inside Out Festival, King’s College London, Franklin Wilkins Bld, Glass Suites 2 & 3, 6.30-8.00 pm
led by Ricarda Vidal and Pavle Ninkovic

Pavle and Ricarda will challenge participants to translate a visual translation by painter Danka Dimitrijevic of a Serbian poem into English. We will also provide a recording of the original poem in Serbian for non-Serbian speakers as well as a German translation for Serbian speakers. No foreign languages are needed to participate, but you’ll have to enjoy the creative, imaginative and playful use of language – be it linguistic or artistic.

26 September 2014

Workshop: Translation Games meets Enemies
International Translation Day, British Library, London
led by Ricarda Vidal and Steven J. Fowler

We invite artists, translators and everyone else on a journey into the wondrous world of languages to investigate what translation means within the literary as well as the artistic context. For this workshop we have teamed up with Steven Fowler’s Enemies project, which is about the possibilities of poetry in collaboration, across artforms, languages and environments. Founded in 2012, it has produced over 40 events in 8 countries with over 300 poets and artists across multiple mediums, publications, exhibitions and performances. Together TG and the Enemies have devised a game, which will allow participants to experience poetry-in-translation as a collaborative event.

24th June 2014

Translation Games Workshop: From Image to Text
Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Milton Court, London EC2Y 9BH
led by Ricarda Vidal and Steven J. Fowler

A workshop for anyone interested in translation in the widest sense. No linguistic or artistic skills are needed (though both are very welcome!), but a vivid imagination and a creative mind are required. The workshop is part of the TCCE annual conference.

31 May 2014

“p.o.w. Translating Concrete Poetry” has been nominated for the best One-Off Event at the Saboteur Awards.
The winners will be annoucned at an afternoon of celebrations of poetry, performance and independent publishing at the Jericho Tavern on Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AE, from 1:30pm

15th May 2014

“Translation, Ekphrasis, Poiesis: Comments on Translation Games and Intermedial Time”
joint paper delivered by Ricarda Vidal and Erica Carter (King’s College London), at the conference “The Longing for Time: Ästhetische Eigenzeit in Contemporary Film, Literature and Art”, University of Konstanz, Germany

5th March 2014
Simon Barracoulgh, "Two Sun Spots", P.O.W. 2013

Simon Barraclough, “Two Sun Spots”, P.O.W. 2013

FREE EVENT: P.O.W. – Translating Concrete Poetry
Saison Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, 5th floor, Southbank Centre, 8pm

This time we translate from poetry to film, scent and digital art and then back to poetry in an act of live writing.
This event is free but space is limited. To book your place